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Out of the Air cover Five collections and one audiotape:

THE IMPORTANT MAN, Northern House Pamphlet Poets No 14, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1971

HEART'S DESIRE, Manchester, Carcanet Press, 1978
SBN 85635 238 1
paperback, 1979 same SBN

SELECTED POEMS, Manchester, Carcanet Press 1985 ISBN 0-85635-598-4

THE RED-HEADED PUPIL, Manchester, Carcanet Press 1994
ISBN 1 85754 086 7

OUT OF THE AIR, Manchester, Carcanet Press, 1999,
ISBN 85754-415-3

CLARITY OR DEATH! Manchester, Carcanet Press, 2008, ISBN 978 1 85754 912 6

THE REASONER  Manchester, Carcanet Press, 2012, ISBN 978 1 84777 146 9

AUDIO: Jeffrey Wainwright Canto Modern Poets,
Canto Publications, 1984

Selected Poems cover Anthologies

Poems have been included in:

Poetry of the Committed Individual, ed Jon Silkin, Penguin, 1972
Poetry Introduction 3, Faber, 1975
'A Symposium of Young British Poets', The Iowa Review, 63/64 Summer-Fall, 1975
The Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry, eds Blake Morrison & Andrew Motion, Penguin, 1982
Some Contemporary Poets of Britain & Ireland, ed Michael Schmidt, Carcanet, 1983
The Agni Review, No 18, 'New British Poetry, Cambridge, Mass USA, 1983
Helix, No 17, 'English Poetry in the Eighties', Australia, 1983
Germany in British Poetry since 1945, An Anthology, ed G√ľnther Blaicher, Eichstatter Materialien.Band 11, Verlag Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg, Germany, 1987
The Direction of Poetry, ed Robert Richman, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, USA, 1988
Against the Grain, ed Ian McMillan, Nelson, 1989
A Calendar of Modern Poetry, PN Review No 100, November-December 1994
The Penguin Book of Poetry from Britain & Ireland since 1945, eds Simon Armitage & Robert Crawford, Viking, 1998
The Firebox: Poetry in Britain & Ireland after 1945, ed Sean O'Brien, Picador, 1998

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